| March/April 1957


A few days ago I wrote you that the Minneapolis ?. ?. Co., Hopkins, Minnesota, built a steam turbine traction engine. I was misinformed Hans J. Anderson of Minneapolis corrected me through correspondence. I am sorry I was misinformed by a man who said he worked at the plant in 1905.

Has any reader ever heard of a Hackney Auto Plow? It had the three plows underneath.

I have a Bryan steam tractor and am interested in a Rumely engine that we hope to get in running order. I have run an advertisement in the ALBUM twice.

J. LANFORD CARLSON, Utica, South Dakota


Enclosed is a picture of one of the very few really and truly Steam Men still in the game. His Enterprise mill and Frick 9?x10 engine is no hobby but a real sawmill outfit operated for profit. He was raised with a steam engine and has a love for steam engines that comes only from a thorough knowledge of all their little idiosyncrasies gained from a life of close association. His name is Clarence Samuel (Cad) Broomhall.

When I first made the acquaintance of Mr. Broomhall he was sawing on a farm next to ours with a 20 hp. Griffith & Wedge. This engine has long since gone the way of most old machinery but as the poets say, 'Memories still linger on'. I doubt very much whether there is now such an engine in existence. The main shaft crossed the smoke box in front of the stack. The engine was mounted vertically with the cylinder near the front axle. The boiler was skid-mounted and had to be loaded on a boiler wagon to be moved; no light job! It was my joy, years later, to live with Cad in a lumber camp and fire this old relic. That was long ago.