| March/April 1958


I see in the ALBUM where they do some arguing as to whether Advance built a 22 hp. side mounted engine. They did build them for in 1907 I operated one. It was bought new in 1900, the cylinder set right by the smoke stack and it had the keenest, snappiest exhaust. On a load on a still day it could be heard for miles around and it was the snappiest engine I ever ran in a beltalso the easiest to fire. It had a short boiler and side mounted with 30 inch wide drivers and short coupled. It was no good in mud or slippery roads for you could not steer it. We used a team of horses to help steer it, but it sure had a bunch of power.

HARRY FISCHBACK, Kettlersville, Ohio


My special interest is steam launches. I have the pleasure of being Pilot, Engineer and Fireman on the Steamer Staurus (33 ft.) on Lake Winnipesauke, Laconia, N. H., on many a week-end during the boating season. There are five active small steamers on the lake.

ROBERT G. FUHR, 85-10 Chelsea Street, Jamaica Estates 32, N. Y.


I noticed in the last issue of the ALBUM, that you would pull out if I didn't provide more coal. So, I am enclosing a couple of lumps to keep the straw flying.

My dad, brother, and myself started attending threshing reunions in 1953. Our first one was Joe Rynda's Threshing Bee at New Prague, Minnesota. Since then dad and I have been to Mt. Pleasant, Iowa three times, to Pontiac, Illinois, once, and to Rollag, Minnesota twice. We enjoy going to the reunions, meeting and talking to the folks and making new friends. Dad started threshing in '82 by cutting bands and threshed until he retired from the farm in '43. He has owned and operated several machines in that time. I started threshing in 1917 by hauling grain from the machine, when I was 12 years old. I have hauled a lot of grain from steam rigs but never run one. I remember the joy in my childhood heart when the rig would pull onto our farm. The big black engine always fascinated me and I also enjoyed riding to and from on the tank wagon with the 'water monkey'. In later years I operated a gas outfit a Case, then later on I sold the separator and bought a combine. The thrill of threshing went with the old Case separator.