| March/April 1959


Congratulations on the Jan.-Feb. issue of the ALBUM. It appears to be almost a Peerless edition. I have always wondered where all the Peerless were. They were a good engine and a lot of them were made. Now they have begun to show up.

I am wondering what horse power my engine No. 17675, Peerless of course, is It has 8x10 inch cylinder. This engine was made by the Emerson-Brantingham Co., in 1915. Diameter of the boiler shell is 26 in., fire box 24x52 inches and 72 flues.

C. E. CLAPPER, Box 582, Mount Hope, West Virginia


I like the ALBUM fine but would like to see more Western News. I really enjoyed the article 'Reminiscences of a Half Century of Agricultural Appliances,' Jan.-Feb., 1959 issue.

I own a 6hp. Russell engine No. 4640 built in 1888, also a Best Tracklayer 25hp. Serial No. 201 built in 1920. Both machines are in good running condition and have been restored by me.

I belong to The Western Steam Fiends Association and to the Early Day Gas Engine & Tractor Association.