| March/April 1961


I have been a subscriber of your magazine for a number of years and enjoy it very much. Picture with this letter is of our Advance Compound Engine taken about 1919. The man standing just ahead of flywheel is Rev. Wm. Sucknow, now of Center Point, Iowa, who was separator man.

The man in center is Ben Ridder of Klemme, Iowa, waterboy, and I am standing at the rear of driver, engineer. It was my privilege to run steam engines for quite a few years until finally the small tractor-driven rigs took over.

I know what it is moving from one job to another at night with an old kerosene lantern dangling from the front end of engine for light and then get stuck in some ravine with millions of mosquitoes to fight off and finally at about 4 a.m., by wrapping the big drive belt around engine belt pulley and hitching the tank wagon team on the other end of belt, we managed to inch our way to higher ground with the engine, leaving the separator to be pulled out later.

Again on other occasions when the flues went bad it would be necessary to pull the fire as soon as threshing for the day was over, allowing the fire-box to cool off somewhat. Then crawl inside and ream and pound flues until perhaps 3 or 3:30 a.m. and by this time it was time to start firing again so as to have everything ready for another day's run.

These were the days never to be forgotten!

ROY I. SCHAEFER, Box 46, Klemme, Iowa