| March/April 1961


On Page 32 of the January-February issue, regarding the picture of that engine - I believe it is a 20-45 Fairbanks-Morse. I threshed on one 20 years ago. It was a one cylinder and started on pulling back on compression and flipping point breaker. I own a one cylinder 25 hp International which loads a lot like it. Also two Rumely Oil-Pulls. 30-60, large wheels and 30-60 small wheels.

J. W. TUCKER, 31 - 15th St. N.W., Portage LaPrairie, Man., Can.

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Things get mislaid in our office but never destroyed. Here is a nice letter from a 12 year old we received in 1958. It was where it should have been but we did not look there. Forgive us, Tommy!

I just finished reading the May-June issue of the ALBUM from cover to cover for about the 101st time. I was sorry to read of Karl's passing earlier as I felt like a close friend to him.

I am 12 years old and have been a subscriber to the Album for four years and I am very much interested in engines and cars.