| March/April 1962

In the September-October copy of the Iron-Men Magazine you showed a picture of the Avery 20 HP return flue engine up-side down that I described in the article in that issue, 'Threshing in the Cornbelt'. Since then I have found pictures of two threshing scenes which I am enclosing that gives further proof of the size of the threshing outfits we used for 'Threshing in the Cornbelt'.

The first scene was taken in July 1926 threshing on my own farm one mile east of Earlham, Iowa. This outfit is a 20 HP Minneapolis engine and a 32 x 60 Avery Yellow Fellow separator. I was the engineer standing in the coal wagon back of the engine and almost out of the picture. Standing on the feeder of the separator is my brother who was separator-man. My son, a very small child at that time, is shown in the picture near my mother at the right in the picture. I am now retired and my son runs the farm but threshing scenes like this disappeared and he now uses a combine to harvest his crop.

The other threshing scene was taken in July 1925 on the S. J. Trueblood farm one mile east of Indianola, Iowa. The outfit is a 50 HP Case engine run by my brother (tending the separator in the other picture ) one year later, and a 36 x 58 Case All Steel separator. The outfit was owned by Ralph Tipton and was thirteen years old when this picture was taken. They were just finishing the job when the picture was taken, hence only one bundle wagon at the separator.

WAYNE THOMAS Earlham, Iowa


I am enclosing a picture of our Black Motor Surrey which you and I were discussing during our recent visit at the Mt. Pleasant Reunion.