| March/April 1962


By Dalke and Peterson

Mr. Dalke's header picture in the Sept-Oct issue has stirred some interest in these machines. Mr. Dalke writes us more information and Mr. Peterson writes interestingly. We give both letters here with more 'Header' pictures. Elmer

In the Sept-Oct. issue, Vol. 16, page 14 is a picture that 8 sent to the ALBUM of a header in operation. Since the ALBUM voices a lack of information regarding the scene, I hereby wish to supply it.

The photo is of my brother, Abe L. Dalke operating the header in 1915 with his horses on a farm near Enid, Oklahoma. The machine is a McCormack combination header-binder. In 1917, I operated it on the same farm with the binder attached instead of the elevator. The steering of a header or push binder is not too difficult if the horses are properly handled.

In recent years the crops have been harvested with a combine. It is marvelous how easily and quickly a combine harvests and threshes the grain. Since it is steered from the rear like a header it also facilitates the cutting on irregular fields.

It is amazing how canvases, concave and cylinder teeth have been done away with. When one reflects that a thinner and more continuous stream of grain enters the machine, one realizes that a rasp like arrangement suffices for threshing out the spikes.