| March/April 1963

The picture was taken when threshing in 1896 on the Fred Oak farm 5 miles south-east of Darling-ford, Manitoba. Owner of the outfit was Mr. Orrin Pickle, whose son is standing at the front wheel of the engine with the small bore shot gun. In those days there were prairie chickens on every stack.

I cannot identify that engine but do admire it and I'd give that engineman a job any day .... why? You will note there is more grease on his pants than there is on the engine .... he was proud of his work. Note the cross brace chains between the road wheels in common use a t that time.

One of the teams shown on bundle hauling were driven west from Ontario.

W. E. DEARING, 33 Qu'Appelle Apts., Regina, Saskatchewan


I am sending you pictures of my Gaar -Scott before and after I worked on the engine some difference, isn't there?