| March/April 1963


I would like to give some information about the picture on page 16 of the November-December issue of the Album. I helped rebuild one back in 1902. It had new flues or tubes, rebabbit and crankshaft and a new stack and smoke box. It also had a super heater as you see in the picture. The steam came from dome down through large fire tube and returned upward to cylinder. It either burned out or forget to drain. The valve gear was (as I remember) like the Heilman or Arnold, only using a cog arrangement to shift the eccentric for reverse, no hook up. The rear axle was square and spring mounted, also the bull or master gears had springs. The clutch was a pin. The cab folded over the platform to run in the shed. The rear drivers were oiled by what I term loose pulley (might have had a wick).

I later owned this and about 1930 I sold it for junk for $10.00. It was a 10HP.

Some people suggested having a question box at the reunions. I would be glad to help answer any questions that I could. I suggest that the Album print cards to be given at the gate and those interested could write their questions regarding steam traction engines on them.

T. S. Stingle, Pine Village, Ind.