| May/June 1956


I am in this, enclosing my check for $2.00 as a renewal for the greatest ALBUM in the world. My key No. is 3A2. I also enclose a self-addressed card telling me how we stand.

I, with Grover Curtis, Elmer Martin, and Ellis Martin attended the reunion of the Pioneers Steam Engine Club at Porters Grove near Rushville, Indiana, this year and enjoyed ourselves very much with five of the steamers out in the big field. I started running steam engines at 12 years of age in 1887. My first was a 10hp. A & T, horse guide, wood rim wheels with cast iron hubs. My next was a Lansing, 4 wheel drive with chain gearing on transmission. My first to own was a 10 hp. Frick.

We, here in Pekin, will celebrate the coming 4th of July (1956) with two steamers in the parade, which will be the 126th celebration on that date in this community. Come on over.

I'll sign off with a Merry Christmas to you all. Your brother in the steam ring

ARTHUR H. WELLER Pekin, Indiana

P. S. 126 years is a long time. I have attended 76 of them, this 1956 will be 77 times for meour crowds are estimated at 8,000 to 9,000 people. The parade in 1955 was one mile long. A.H.W.