| May/June 1956



Mcmillan Company. $4.00

Mr. Stewart H. Holbrook has an inimitable way of making the past live again. I have read several of his books and no matter how little you know about the subject of which he is writing it becomes interesting and understanding. He is tops as a prose writer.

In this book he describes the pioneer work in developing Agriculture Machines and the mammoth farms of the West. It takes up the farmers' life from 1840 and carries it to the present day. The life story of Jerome I. Case is the golden thread carried throughout the story. From this thread he detours to all the prominent men and manufacturers of these years in the development of the machines that made food plentiful.

This is a book you will want in your possession. If you borrow it you will buy it after you read it. When you start reading you will have a hard time stopping until you have read all of the 246 pages.

You may obtain this book from the IRON-MEN ALBUM.