| May/June 1958


It is with a great deal of satisfaction and appreciation that I am sending $2.00 for the ALBUM for another year. I grew up in the steam age, operated steam engines, narrow gauge locomotives and steam shovels, and with this knowledge of steam power it was natural that I was interested to the extent that I wished to own an engine of my own. This wish came true when I subscribed to the ALBUM An ad placed in the ALBUM described a return flue five horse engine on skids. I contacted the owner and the results were that I took a trip to Alton, Illinois and got the engine.

My son, who knew nothing about steam was very much interested. He learned the care and operation of same and is capable of operating on his own. We saw cord wood with it and has ample power to make it practical for this purpose.

Am enclosing a picture of my Peerless return flue engine with my hound Ginger in attendance which will give a good idea of the size. I also have a Buffalo steam roller, ten ton, which is in operating condition and we use it whenever the occasion arises.

EUGENE A. HAKE Stage Road R. D. 2, Akron, New York


I threshed and plowed the Priaries of Alberta, Canada, for many years. I was able to make a trip back two years ago and contacted Mr. Ross who wrote the excellent 'Exhaust Echoes' in the ALBUM some time ago.

I visit the Mt. Pleasant Reunion every year and enjoy it very much. I ran an old 1902 Case at our Centennial Parade last summer and sure got a kick out of it.