| May/June 1959

  • O. S. Kelly Springfield thresher
    This is a O. S. Kelly Springfield thresher that was in existence until a few years ago. This should go with the article on O. S. Kelly, March-April, 1959, issue. That is E. C. Forman in the picture and this is the only picture we received in our req
  • Rumely double engine threshing
    Rumely double engine threshing October 7th,1956. Engine owned by H. P. Reitzel, Trenton, Nebraska. See his nice letter elsewhere.

  • O. S. Kelly Springfield thresher
  • Rumely double engine threshing


I can tell you about O. S. Kelly Threshing Machines and steam engines and they also built feed grinders. We pulled them with horse power in the early days of my life. The thresher was hand fed as I cut bands for it when I was 8 years old.

The outfit got too small as our runs got bigger and father traded it for a 6hp. portable Kelly engine. The machine has a swinging stacker mounted on a four wheel truck and it had web slats.

As I got older I hauled water and learned to feed the machine and that was a hot job. As time went by there were stacks of grain to thresh and so the threshing outfit was traded in to O. S. Kelly Company for an 8hp. traction engine and the machine was still a hand fed machine, I cannot remember the size.

We sawed wood for the neighbors in the winter time and did custom feed grinding with the 8hp. engine. It was easy to fire and a very handy engine. I was then operating the engine.

I still love steam. I have a son who bought a Case 45. I steam it up and drive it around the yard often. I do enjoy it.

FRANK HUDACHEK, 105 E. 5th Street, West Liberty, Iowa