| November/December 1956


Please find check enclosed for renewal. I started my career with steam when 10 years old, helping my father Henry Loyd of St. Francis, Kansas, plow sod. He was using a 20 hp. Reeves cross compound pulling 12 disc plows. He also used this engine to thresh, pulling a 36-56 Red River Special separator. Father sold this outfit and purchased a Gaar Scott 25 hp. simple and an Avery 36-60 Yellow Fellow separator and this was really a nice outfit. It would certainly handle the grain.

Later on, in 1920, I went into the threshing business for myself. My outfit consisted of a 20 hp. Huber engine and 36x58 separator. I operated this outfit for 6 years and threshed much wheat, barley and oats. Our best run was in 1925 when we threshed 42,000 bushels in the first 20 days we were out. Then it started raining & we were slowed down by everything being so wet. On the last of the run I sold the outfit. Next year I used a second hand Rumley 28-48 separator pulled by a 20-40 Allis Chalmers tractor. Nothing quite so nice as the old steamer which I like to watch doing her stuff.

HARLAND LOYD, St. Francis, Kansas


Please find enclosed $2.00 for another year-also a couple of pictures. This Port Huron I owned in 1925 and did about everything with it. It was a good engine. So easy to handle and keep up. Mr. Ritzman may think the crank is too close center for comfort, but he must remember it is a Port Huron.

You will also find a picture of my Case 30.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr Ritzman at Montpelier with Mr. Litten of Newark, Ohio.