| November/December 1957


Find enclosed my check for $4.00 for two years subscription to your fine little magazine.

I will now try to give you some of my history as a thresherman. First, it runs in my family. My grandfather was a thresherman when they poled the straw away and cleaned the grain by hand. Grandfather operated for 56 falls. He bought and operated the third engine built by Robinson & Co., Richmond, Indiana, for 21 falls.

My father passed on to thresherman's reward at an early stage of life. I had three uncles and three cousins who run threshing outfits and I put in thirty-three falls myself. Made my last run in 1940. None of us got rich-nor did any of us go broke. My last outfit was a Case 50 hp. engine and a 32x54 thresher, one of the sweetest running outfits ever built. I have spent most of my life working with machinery of some kind, the war years and quite awhile after I was a tool maker. Now I am back in the auto repair work. Also in my spare time I am making an exact model of the Case steamer I used to run.

I hope you can make out my letter. Who would expect an old Thresherman (60 years) to be able to spell anything anyway.

I wish you the best of luck

GUY R. MANIFOLD, Modoc, Indiana.