| November/December 1962

  • 80 Case engine
    Mr. M. T. Throndson's 80 Case at Longmont, Colo.
    Howard Moyers Cheyenne

  • 80 Case engine


It has been a spell since I have written you, however, I am still enjoying your fine comments in the Iron-Men, also the nice picture's and letters. Most of all, I hope this will find you and yours in good health. I have managed to keep in top shape this summer, which is one's greatest blessings.

Through some of my travels this summer, I found a new steam friend right under my nose, just 7 0 miles from here, at Longmont, Colo, a Mr. M. T. Throndson, Who has a 80 H. P.

Case in the finest condition. I am enclosing some pix of it, taken August, 12th, 1961 threshing at his farm near Longmont. Mr. Throndson bought this engine new in 1922, and has used it every year since that time. It has always been shedded during the off season, so you know it is in fine shape. Mr. Throndson, also has a Case 65 in the process of rebuilding, and is coming along quite well with it. In the photos he is pulling a 36 X 60 Keck-Gonnerman Separator (steel).

These pictures were taken by my friend Mr. A. R. Mittan of Carpenter, Wyoming, who, I think, is one of your new subscribers. He is an old Case man. He and Mr. Throndson, still has small threshing runs. So, you see the three of us have quite a bit in common. All of us, have quite a collection of old Case Catalogs.

Had two fine visitors call on me this summer. Mr. Frank Hamata, of Schuyler, Nebr. and Mr. Henry Benn, and his wife from Ord, Nebr. Mr. Benn brought along some of his fine colored slides which he had taken at several shows he has attended, so we put in quite an afternoon. Mr. Hamata, stopped in on his way home from a trip into North Dak., Canada, and Montana. He had his car trunk about full of old engine catalogs which he made me a loan of a few. Needless to say, these folks are tops and we were sure happy to have them come to see us. We hope they will stop in again, anytime.