| November/December 1963

J. V. Ober writes........

The first threshing engine I operated was a Buffalo Pitts return flue center crank.

Here is some information about the Buffalo Pitts return flue engine for those who might be interested. The first Buffalo Pitts return flue center crank engine, an 18 HP, came to Ada, Minnesota in 1891. Later the same type engine came in 20 HP and 22 HP. In 1896 I saw the first 25 HP return flue center crank straw burner. Straw was used universally for fuel at that time. in 1898 the Buffalo Pitts went back to side crank engine on their return flue straw burners. The 25 HP return flue was the biggest return flue boiler the Pitts Company ever made. Later the direct flue engines took over and they were made up to 30 and 35 HP single and double. I never tried any Pitts engines for plowing or heavy hauling.

I hired out once in 1917 to go to Montana to run an engine in springs work and breaking. The engine was a Case 110 and proved to be a very nice engine to handle. I liked it very much. I am now 82 years old so I don't expect to do any more plowing.

J. V. Ober, Twin Valley, Minn.

Jacob Tiessen writes........