| November/December 1963

F. L. Kilberger writes.........

In the March-April issue of the Iron Men Album there was a picture of a Case Separator. The party asked if there was any thresher man that started with this rig when they were boys. Yes, I am one of them and here is a picture of a 3658 Case that my father bought with a 15 HP Case Engine. I was only a boy but took charge of the engine when the party was with us only a short time.

I will admit I was sweating at times and worried besides, but with the advice of some older engineers I made the grade.

That reminds me of an incident. Some few years ago I was driving east, from Cedar Rapids, when at some distance I noticed where there was some lumber sawing done with an undermounted Avery and, being I was interested in that type, that induced me to stop and make a short visit. I noticed that a boy about 16 years of age was doing the firing and almost cried because he could not keep up the steam. I told him I would give him some advice if he would follow the directions I prescribed. He said he would do anything just so he succeeds. The first thing I asked him to do was to throw that poker away and don't touch it all the rest of the day. Next thing, fill your fire box plumb full, you can regulate your fire with the damper but don't use that poker because you shake most of the fire down the ash pan. I stayed with him for almost two hours and sure enough his steam gauge kept on crawling up besides his father operating the saw could put the log through much faster. And was this young boy tickled to get that kind of advice and, of course, he is a grown man by now and I would sure like to meet him.

I must tell the whole story about this machine. When father bought this rig the machine did not have that attached stacker, but an independent stacker on four wheels and the engine did not leave the cab on as I made it when I was only a boy.

F. L. Kilberger, 123-16 Ave., S. W., Cedar Rapids, Iowa