| November/December 1963

  • Gaar Scott
    See Mr. Koon's letter.
    Ralph Koon
  • Traction Engine
    See Mr. Jeffery's letter.
    John Jeffery

  • Gaar Scott
  • Traction Engine

A. G. Thomas writes.........

Guess you will be surprised to hear from one as far south as this. We love and enjoy our engines, cold or hot. We, as a generation, have been running engines, threshers, sawmill, and cotton gins for 5 generations. My grandfather moved from Illinois in 1870 and settled in Georgia. He began sawing lumber and grinding meal with old water power first. The first steam engine he bought was a portable Wood Tabor & Morse, then 'Old Birdsell', next a 12 HP Russell.

A. G. Thomas, Box 125, Cumming, Georgia

Burton Letter writes.........

In Jan.-Feb. issue of Iron-Men Album Garnet R. Flack, Milton, North Dakota wanted to know when the Rumley Company took over the Advance line.

I have in my possession a Rumley Co. Catalogue dated 1913, featuring the Advance, and the Gaar-Scott and Co. line. It states that in Dec. 1911, the Gaar-Scott and Co., of Richmond, Indiana was taken over by the Rumley Co. Also the same year they acquired the Advance Co., at Battle Creek, Michigan. It also states and I quote