Letting Off Steam

| January 2006

Hard as it is, it's time to admit the 2005 steam season is over. Fortunately, there's another round of shows coming our way in 2006.

We're working away at the 2006 Farm Collector Show Directory, and judging by our updates and new listings, 2006 will be another banner year for farm shows. Last year's directory had a record 1,450 shows listed, and it looks like we'll see the same number for the next season.

While our equipment may be getting older, it appears it's not getting any less popular.

In the early days of threshing reunions and farm shows, the vast majority of folks taking in the sights and sounds of steam engines barking and threshers whirring had a direct connection to the rural landscape and culture.

As the number of family farms decreases, so does the number of people with any ties to rural life. No longer even a distant memory, the farm and the notion of farm life becomes a foreign concept.

Oddly enough, I think that's one element that's helping drive interest and attendance at steam reunions and farm shows.