| September/October 1954

Leeper Machine Company P. O. Box 147 Ash Grove, Missouri.

I received Floyd Clymer's Album of Historical Steam, Traction Engines Deluxe Edition. I would not take any price if another couldn't be obtained. It certainly is a fine Album for all of us 'Steam Bugs', especially on the traction engine.

Many years ago I was a steam traction engineer, later on stationary steam engines, licensed in many cities in the U. S., and the State of Montana. Then I took up the steam automobile in Helena, Montana, in March, 1905. I have built four miniature slide valve stationary steam engines and boilers, sold them, and I now have four more under construction.

I wish to compliment YOU on your FINE magazine, THE IRON-MEN ALBUM. My only regret is that I did not hear of your publication when you first started.

SAY! By all means keep up the Model Builders Page. I intend to build a steam traction engine in the not-too-far-off, possibly this spring. I wish you all success in THE MAGAZINE. Many actual threshing gatherings in several states have been interesting. Get some of the photographs and full history. It will be interesting to us.