Lincoln Bus Tours

| January/February 1971

R. D. 1, Dillsburg, Pa.


Mr. & Mrs. E. C. Nafe, R.D. 1, Glen Rock, Pa.; Bert Messersmith, R.D. 1, Glen Rock, Pa.; Nevin Amspacher, R.D. 1, Glen Rock, Pa.; Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lau, R.D. 1, Spring Grove, Pa.; William Strayer, R.D. 1, Dillsburg, Pa.; William Luckenbaugh, R.D. 2, Glen Rock, Pa.; Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Hersh, Godorus, Pa.; Jake Bricker, R.D. 1, Glen Rock, Pa.; Mr. William King, R.D. 1, Dillsburg, Pa.; Mrs. Margaret Merkel, 396 Butter Road, Glyndon, Maryland; John H. Gerforick, 340 Garfield St., York, Pa.; Virgil Sterner, R.D. 1, Spring Grove, Pa.; Mr. & Mrs. Titus H. Brubaker, Rohrcrstown, Pa.; Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy, Ebersol, R.D. 1, Leola, Pa.; Walter T. Sheffer, R.D. 3, Glen Rock, Pa.; Vance Stitzel, York Springs, Pa.; Mr. Ben Bright, R.D. 2, Box 15, Easton, Md.; Fred Everhart, R. 3, Box 725, Easton,, Md.; J. Rex Haver, 643 Bellefonte Ave., Lock Haven, Pa.; Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Krebs, Seven Valleys, Pa.; Mr. & Mrs. John R. Smith, R. 1, Glen Rock, Pa.; Preston Stmith, 341 S. Pleasant Ave.; Dallastown, Pa.; Mason Gable, 51 E. Main, Dallastown, Pa.; Miss Nellie Anderson, 254 Rosevelt Ave., York, . Pa.; Mr. William Toflin, 1317 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.; Mr. & Mrs. Dale Hempfing (Driver-Escort) Office Address, 10 W. Elm Ave., Hanover, Pa.

Report of Lincoln Bus tour September 1st to 7th inclusive with thirty one passengers plus the driver and escort, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hempfling, all steam engine fans.

Whispers of such a tour began to circulate among the local engine fans in 1969 and when the Lincoln tours were set up for the 1970 season the Steam engine tour was advertised publicly for the first time in their brochures. The response was immediate and gratifying with the result that on the morning of September 1st we were all set for What turned out to be a week of very enjoyable travel and sight seeing.

We began by gathering at the Lincoln terminal and office at 10 W. Elm Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania early (May 30). Tuesday morning we pulled out at 6:10 for York, Pennsylvania, where we picked up about half of our party and after some photos were taken we headed north on 181 to the Pennsylvania turnpike then headed west.