| January/February 1979

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

We have received a manual reprint for Lister 'D' type engines from Brian Dominic, of Nottingham, England.

In an accompanying letter Mr. Dominic writes that he is aware there are not a lot of Lister engines in the United States. However, he states, the Lister is probably the most commonly found engine on British farms.

The booklet gives instructions, specifications and spare parts lists of Lister 'D' and 'DK' engines. It would certainly be of value to anyone owning a Lister. Those who do not could surely learn a lot about this engine, so popular in Britain.

The instructions and parts lists were first printed in 1936, with additional specifications printed in 1953.

Mr. Dominic's letter points out an error that appeared in the original manual and that reappears in the reprint; the tappet clearance should be 30 thou, not 3 thou.