Loading Gas Engines Long Ago

| November/December 1991

  • Steam locomotive

  • Steam locomotive

R.R. #1, Shubie, Nova Scotia, Canada BON 2H0

Here is a picture of a steam locomotive #514 (later the number was changed to #4) loaded with gas engines at the Bridgewater plant in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia.

A brief history of the locomotive is as follows:

Locomotive #4 of the Halifax and Southwestern Railroad is shown loaded with Acadia gas engines September 1917. Engineer is Al Langille. The locomotive was shipped to Halifax by sea in 1889 from Patterson, New Jersey. It used to belong to Nova Scotia Central Railroad out of Lunenburg. It was scrapped in 1923.

You can barely make out the gas engine sign on the box on the door. These railroad tracks are now only used twice a week.