Locomotive No. 1202

| January/February 1969

223 High St. S.E., Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102

Locomotive Number 1202 is on the Hospital Track without her main drivers and that leads to quite a story.

The 1202 and 1205 were assigned to a local passenger run and since the schedule called for a stop at almost every station the running time between stations was very fast.

The 1205 was called one wet fall day to pull the local passenger train and Engineer Humphrey carefully inspected and oiled the various parts waiting for departure time.

Finally, when the last cream can and passenger were aboard the Conductor gave a Highball and Engineer Humphrey lost no time in getting the 1205 rolling. She nosed and rolled considerably due to the lateral in her driving boxes but no more than any other 1200 class and acted as thought it would be a very good trip.

Things went well for about thirty miles. Two slops had been made and Engine 1205 was really 'kicking up her heels!' But she must have kicked a little too hard for as Engineer Humphrey said, 'All at once the old girl gave a big lunge and I thought she was going to turn over. We were on a high fill of track at the time and it was at least ten feet to the bottom. Well Sir, she rolled and pitched and bucked and jumped--it felt like she went every direction but off the track! At the first lunge the air went in to emergency application for some reason. I closed the throttle and she settled down a little finally coming to a stop. We had been running about sixty miles per hour when the trouble started.