Lost In The Files

By Staff

Hi! Not too much news this time but then last issue made up for
that. One thing I must tell you, we’ve had comments from some
folks seems they like this idea which pleases us. Dayton Nichols of
6128 N.Y. State, Route No. 5, Stafford, New York 14143 boosted my
morale recently when he wrote ‘Your efforts to help each
subscriber with his problem and straighten out Lost Pictures by
group printing is wonderful. You truly have the magazines at heart.
I always have to read your column first and enjoy reading of your
family increase and activities.’ You’re very kind Dayton,
and thanks so much it helps for some of those inevitable mistakes
that I must claim.

Coming from 54 Taylor Street, Frankfort, Indiana 46041, James W.
Chandler expresses his feelings, ‘Would like to have your
magazine more often as it is it gets a good going over and is
‘read and reread’.’ Picture 6F-70 is a 20 hp. Illinois
engine at Fred H. Pauls yard in Hillisburg, Indiana, sold to Arthur
S. Young, Kinzers, Pennsylvania. I took this just before it was
loaded on flat car for shipment to Pennsylvania. It was later said
that this engine went to South America.

I would like to know about 3F-70 which seems to be a 25 hp.
Advance-Rumely. I believe I know this engine and it has some
unusual features for an Advance-Rumely. (And he adds he would like
to get in touch with the sender.)

Welcome to this column of another magazine member of the family
and his information as Arnold R. Johnston, G2534 N. Genesee Road,
Flint, Michigan 48506 relates to us: ‘5F-70, see page 24 of
Sept-Oct. 1957, 16 hp. Advance owner, John Maclean, Elkhorn,
Wisconsin sent in by George Brown, 403 Center Street, Lake Geneva,
Wisconsin. Also, 11M-69 is a 13 hp. Gaar-Scott 28′ hand fed
separator, sold by Mr. E. C. Foreman of Tacoma, Ohio. See page 12
of Nov-Dec. 1951.’

And again thanks so much to you fellows for writing us and for
looking up these notes of interest.

And remember we don’t stop having fun when we’re old;
we’re old when we stop having fun! and I know you steam
enthusiasts do not fall into that group as you all seem like a
group of youngsters at heart out for a lot of fun with this

A good husband is never the first to go to sleep at night or the
last to awake in the morning.

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