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Taken in 67 in Williamsburg, Virginia. Redoubt Sharp posts to keep soldiers from climbing to our gun positions.
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Taken in April 67 at Williamsburg, Virginia where the prisoners were marched through after capture in 1800.

3500 Eighth Ave, Council Bluffs, Iowa

I didn’t get to see any smoke or breathe any oil or good old
steam. I started by going to the hospital in January 1967. Back
home February and in April I went jet to Washington D. C. Then on
to Newport News, Virginia where I saw lots of rail fences and
redoubts on battle fields around Williamsburg, Va. and Jamestown,
Va. Sure is a beautiful country and lots of water. The James River
and Chesapeake Bay leading into the Atlantic Ocean.

Driving back on turnpike from Washington D. C. to Council Bluffs
was a nice trip in a new car with my youngest daughter. It was
1,686 miles. Looking at the nice country in Ohio, Pennsylvania and
Illinois. We had a nice trip.

I see in November and December Album Mr. Holtcamp’s Letter.
He had a good clean well taken care of 16HP Gaar Scott which I had
the pleasure of running in ’65 and ’66 four days each year.
I sent his girls pictures in with the engine and myself last

I sure wasn’t able to travel or to handle an engine this
year, so Mr. and Mrs. Holtcamp came to see us. Was great to have
them here at my home. They are wonderful people, two lovely
daughters both in college this year. Am in hopes of seeing them and
have the Gaar Scott under my control for at least one day next
September at Mt. Pleasant reunion.

What hurts me is some men have a good engine and won’t fix
them up nor sell them. I would like to have either one or two, I
know, and a three month work-out and they would be in show
condition the best.

Now, I don’t think I could ever do without the Iron Man and
am willing to write to anyone that cares to write me. I will still
be held down for three to six months before I can drive over 50
miles per day. Doctor’s orders so I’ll be confined to home
this winter.

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