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2898 South Grant Street, Englewood, Colorado

Thank you for your Notice as I do not want to miss a single copy
of your good magazine, THE IRON-MEN ALBUM. I surely do enjoy this
fine magazine and the letters and articles from real steam men, men
who know steam and love it.

My wife and I just recently returned from a vacation trip to
Northern Minnesota where lots of steam locomotives are still
operating on the railroads and am happy to say that I shot quite a
lot of 16 mm movies of them in action.

We were happy to visit with our good friend, H. M. Jones of
Little Falls. He has some beautiful traction engines and I was
thrilled to operate a 50 Case, one of his favorites, and it looked
like a brand new one. Mr. Jones is really an authority on steam and
he has a tremendous stock of steam engine parts on hand. He surely
showed us a wonderful time.

We were also privileged to stay all night at the home of the
well-known Budenski Brothers at West Concord, Minnesota and just
had a wonderful time. These good people invited us into their home
even though we had never met before, and their niece, Mrs. Marilyn
Trelsad, who is secretary of the Zumbro Valley Thresher-men’s
Association, remarked, ‘You can just about rest assured that
people who love steam are fine people.’ That is about the
nicest compliment that I ever received. These men have some very
beautiful engines and everyone of them are overhauled and painted
up just like new and inside, out of the weather. It is easy to see
why they had more than 10,000 people out to see their steam engine
show last September. We feel that we have made some valuable
additions to our list of friends by having met these fine

We then stopped to see our friend Emil Kudlacek of David City,
Nebraska, and all of his large collection of steam engines
including his well-known 110 Case. He is rebuilding this giant
steamer and it is sure a beauty. We also stopped at the home of
Neil Miller of Alden, Iowa and saw his great collection of steam
engines and antiques dating back to the 1700’s. We surely
enjoyed their fine hospitality and the colorful museum they are

On our entire trip we saw about 140 steam engines and I’m
happy to say that there will always be steam.

I’m enclosing $2.00 for my renewal to your good magazine and
also $2.00 for, a subscription for a friend.

Thank you and our good friends Elmer and his charming wife for a
wonderful magazine and my kindest regards and best wishes to all of
you. A steam friend.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1957
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