| July/August 1959

Addison, Michigan

I purchased a Port Huron 2 from the estate of Mr. Louis David, Northville, Michigan. Soon after I purchased the engine, I went down to see Mr. Blaker and he said that perhaps it would be possible to take the engine down to the reunion at Montpelier, 'das coming summer. So, if everything goes as planned, I hope to have the engine down at the reunion.

I am going to college and I plan to have Mr. Ernest Paulson operate the engine, but I plan on going down to the reunion on Friday afternoon and staying through Saturday. And I hope to have the opportunity of meeting you.

At present I am painting the engine, putting on new valves and piping and a steam generator. I also plan to have a water wagon with a steam engine to run a water pump mounted on the wagon by reunion time.

Hoping everything goes as planned