| November/December 1963

  • 1927 Baker
    See Mr. Runals' story.

  • 1927 Baker

R. D. 1, La Grange, Ohio

Pictured is a 1927 Baker '2175' owned and driven by Laurel Runals, Diagonalrd, RD La Grange. Runals was accompanied by a 'crew' of R. Buckingham, Roger Moore and an assortment of Runals and Buckingham children.

The Baker, like similiar engines at one time was the ultimate in mobile farm power. In this area most generally they furnished the power to drive the threshing machines, to separate the grain from the straw and chaff. In the western states where planting was done in larger fields the steam engines were used to pull big gang plows and other equipment.

The '2175' is part of a collection owned by Runals. The group includes another steam engine (a Case 50), 4 Rumley Oil-Pull tractors, a '1020 Titan' and several other old small engines. The '2175' rated 75 horsepower on the belt and 21 horsepower on the drawbar. It of course has steel wheels with lugs on the pulling wheels. Gears for propelling it and the pulley can be seen under the fly wheel. It featured 'Armstrong power steering,' in that it took a strong arm to spin the wheel that wound up the chains that turned the front axle to steer the rig. 'Crusing speed' over the road was about 2 miles per hour.

Runals uses the big engine only for exhibitions such as the Lorain co Fair and steam engine men's reunions. There are few steam engine men left but it doesn't take long to draw a crowd of other interested people when a blast of the multi-toned whistle is let loose.