Madison-Kipp Lubricators

| September 2006

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Madison-Kipp Lubricators are built on one standard design, of any required size and number of feed outlets, and are applied universally to all types of steam, oil and gas engines, steam pumps, air compressors, steam hammers, shovels, dredges and cranes, marine engines, steering engines, drilling engines, agricultural tractors, grain separators, machine tools and special types of machinery.

The sight-feed type is built with a visible feed and an individual fine adjustment for each pumping unit. The Blind Feed type is designed for service where the adjustment and visible feed are not necessary. It can be adjusted, however, by means of employing different lengths on the ratchet arm.

Madison-Kipp Lubricators are built on the Kipp Valveless principle, which permits the pumping and forcing of oil without the use of ball and spring valves.

- Excerpt from 1936 manual.