Taking Time, Enjoying Life

| January/February 1986

  • Steam-powered tractor

  • Steam-powered tractor

The following article is reprinted with permission from the Ark Valley, Kansas News.

Like the steam engines he loves, Mahlon Giffin is solid and dependable.

A tall, lean man with a leathery face tooled by sharing too many expressions with the Kansas sun and wind, Giffin has ice blue eyes that cut through the superficial.

Underneath his grizzled exterior, Giffin's a warm, kind man and that's why his friends are fiercely loyal.

'Anybody who wants to mess with Mahlon Giffin's got to go through me first,' warned buddy and co-worker Tom Terning.

Terning laughs when he recalls how Giffin worked a math problem in his head that a new engineering school graduate needed paper, pencil and calculator to solve.