Manitoba Case Expo Show Report

| March/April 1990

204 East Melbourne Avenue Silver Spring, Maryland 20901

To put it mildly, the third annual International J.I. Case Heritage Exposition at Austin, Manitoba, on July 26-29, 1989, was the greatest gathering of vintage Case in history. It was a worthy successor to the International J.I. Case Heritage Foundation's two previous Expos-#1 in Pawnee, Oklahoma, in 1987 and #2 in Kinzers, Pennsylvania, in 1988.

Based on a one-time scan of the list of exhibitors and their exhibits, it appears that there were on display at Expo #3 approximately 21 full-size Case steam engines, more than 70 vintage Case tractors, nine scale-model operating steam engines of varying sizes, at least a half-dozen

Case threshing machines, six Case cars (all in running condition), more than a dozen modern Case tractors and related pieces of equipment, eight (count 'em, eight!) Case Eagles plus one live Case eagle in the person of Robert 'Abe, himself' McMillan of Miami, Manitoba (far from Florida!) in his eagle suit, eight Case dealer signs, and at least 43 other miscellaneous exhibits, ranging from plows to balers, literature to vintage Case farm toys, model farm displays and even a Case theme quilt.

The large grandstand at Austin was jam-packed every day for the parade and filled to standing room only with overflows seated on the grass and lining the fences on Friday and Saturday (this year's Expo ran from Wednesday through Saturday). The audience stood fast after the parade each day to take in the grain stooking (Canadian for what many Americans call 'shocking'that is, standing up bundles from the binder in multi-bundle groups for curing in open air and sunlight before threshing) and threshing contests in the arena in front of the grandstand.

Jim Briden of Fargo, ND was at the throttle as Jack Beamish s 110 Case engine pulled many bottom through the tough Manitoban sod at Expo #3.