Manners Pine Tree Lodge

| January/February 1976

Courtesy of Manners Pine Tree Lodge, 780 Dodgeville Rd., New Lyme, Ohio

Hello There, Neighbor:

It seems kind of silly for me, a small Ohio Christmas tree grower, to be writing to you about your Christmas tree when you can buy them on every corner as early as October. But, year after year, families from all over Ohio come to New Lyme for their Christmas tree. There must be a mighty good reason.

They're after, the fun and adventure of cutting their own tree. Fresh, fragrant trees. Free hay-rides. OR - they like to select from thousands of finest Pines and Spruces in all sizes up to 12 feet.

But most of all they come because their kids love it.

You see, I'm an old-fashioned Christmas tree grower, used to raising trees of high quality. Most of the trees on the lots today are 5 to 7 foot Scotch Pine. Families come to me for beautiful trees they cannot find elsewhere. I have come to specialize in a large variety of beautiful Pine and Spruce trees in a size range and selection you will find hard to equal anywhere.