Marcus Leonard Corrects a Mistake

| March/April 1956

Box 85, Salina, Kansas

I was in error two years on the date of the foreclosure I wrote about in ' A Foreclosure and a Re-Sale' I would like a correction made in the next issue of the ALBUM.

In the March-April 1953 issue of the ALBUM, Vol. 7, No. 4, page 9, paragraph 3 of 'A Foreclosure and a Resale', sentence (1), should read, 'In 1908, not 1906, the company instructed me to take possession of the machinery.'

The shipping of that machinery from another territory is no excuse for my making the error but it was a factor. The memory of what occurred before the foreclosure, at the time of the foreclosure and later has returned to me.

In the spring of 1907, I sold Matthew Vogel a 36-56 Advance separator with a straw carrier and a weigher. He attached his old Parsons feeder. Jacob Herl bought an Advance 21 hp. compound the same spring and his engine and Vogel's separator were shipped into Hays on the same car.

Matthew Vogel threshed the 1907 season with the straw carrier but in 1908, he bought a Wind Stacker and threshed with it until nearly through, when he came to me and said he couldn't pull that separator with his 1 hp. Case engine. You know about his buying the 20 hp. Advance which had been foreclosed and the trouble it caused him and me.