Maryland husband & wire: a team of restorers

| January/February 1977

Showing a Nichols and Shepard engine at the Rough and Tumble Show at Kinzers this summer were Paul M. Hahn, retired Maryland State Police Lieutenant, and his wife, Ruth.

The Hahns, who live at Westminster, Maryland have 12 engines. 'You name it and we've got it,' said Hahn with a grin. They started about 10 years ago with an 8 x 10 Frick, which they still have.

Ruth not only helps restore; she does most of the lettering. Their engine was very trim, red with gold letters. The engine dates back to the turn of the century.

One of the possessions in which the Hahns take pride is a horse-drawn fire engine, a Merry weather, made in London, England. The wooden wheels had been burned off; Hahn did the restoration.

His main hobby is antique gun collecting. He does all the mechanical and machine work himself.

He is finding most of the old time engines he buys in Missouri and Arkansas and brings them east on lowboys. In addition to membership in Rough and Tumble, the Hahns belong to Mason-Dixon, Maryland Historical, Stewartstown and others--'just about all of them around.'