| January/February 1964

  • Frank L. McGuffin
    POSING - Left, Frank L. McGuffin, and Center, Mrs. Frank L. McGuffin, both of Washington, D. C. and Mrs. Pat Masimore of South Main Street, Manchester, Maryland, the Secretary of the Mason-Dixon Historical Society. As far as is known, Pat is the youngest

  • Frank L. McGuffin

R.D. 2, Hanover, Penna.

The 8th Annual Steam Show of the Maryland Steam Historical Society, Inc. held September 19, 20, 21, 1963 is now history. Our permanent show place is the Arcadia Exposition Grounds, Upper co (Arcadia) Maryland.

We are more than pleased with this excellent location on which our 1963 show was held.

Raising the flag, playing the National Anthem, invocation and address of welcome was the order of each day. Fine weather prevailed until Saturday afternoon around 4 P.M. when it began to rain and this, of course, scattered the attendance for the remainder of the evening. From our register we note that folks from six states of the Union attended. Many favorable comments were expressed from the crowds that gathered each d a y to witness the old implements of yesteryear being put through their paces again as we engaged in sawmilling, shingle sawing, Baker fan exercise, threshing; also, using steam engines to draw wagons hauling folks around the grounds.

Another special feature was a steam calliope made and owned by Mr. Joah Getz of East Petersburg, Pennsylvania and played during Friday and Saturday by Mrs. Lorena Miller of Lewisberry, Pennsylvania to the enjoyment of all who attended.

Twenty one antique autos were on display and paraded during Saturday. Also steam engines, oil pull tractors were paraded at least once each day of the show.