| September/October 1977

Hampstea, Maryland 21074

The Annual Maryland Steam Show for 1976 was held in September on the Arcadia Carniva Grounds at Upperco, Maryland along Maryland Route #30.

The first two days were very poor in attendance because of heavy rains which cut down the crowds and the inclement weather made it unfit to operate the equipment. But, on Saturday, the sun dried up the muddy ground and everything got moving again, which drew the crowds again.

We had about sixteen large steam engines on the grounds, plus a great assortment of tractors and associated equipment. This year there were over 100 gasoline engines on display, everyone of which was operating.

Also, three large stationary engines and a steam-powered sawmill added to the attractions. Several nice model steamers were also shown. There were also some antique motorcycles on display.

The large Flea market on the grounds drew a lot of attention with so many beautiful and unusual antiques for sale. This always draws a crowd and especially the ladies who like fine china, clocks, etc.