Mehmke Museum In Montana

| May/June 1976

Machinery with which he farmed became the foundation for the extensive steam museum of Walter Mehmke, near Great Falls, Montana.

Walter Mehmke ran a steam threshing business and then farmed until 1957. He then spent full time with his hobby, until about four years ago, when he became ill. The museum is kept going by his wife. His son, Carl, helps her.

We visited the museum this past summer with our brother-in-law and sister-in-law, John and Betty Gordon, of Cascade.

The museum is open throughout the year, with 19 or 20 steamers, all in a row, plus a lot of gas tractors, and innumerable other pieces of equipment and farm and ranch memorabilia on a multi-acre tract. 

All the steamers are operable. They include Case, Reeves, Ault-man-Taylor, Avery, Garr-Scott, Minneapolis, and others.

'The 210 Case, the Number One engine in our line,' says Carl, 'is the one my Dad started farming with, plowing up sod about 1925. He was raised in Belt, east of here and threshed in the country quite a few years before starting to farm.

Mehmke Tractor
9/7/2012 4:04:23 PM

Hi, Carl and Martha's daughers will be reopening the Mehmke Steam Tractor Museum in 2013...Call 307-751-2051 for informatio about Museum hours. thank you...

Ayse Mehmke
3/27/2012 3:23:24 AM

Hi,great article about my Father. C. S. Mehmke