| November/December 1956

Our good friend Marcus Leonard of Salina, Kansas, sends us this correction and information. It is fully self-explanatory.

B. B. Brown, San Landro, California wrote me after reading ' A Defense of Advance Thresher Company,' Meinrad, the Christian name of the founder of M. Rumely Co., was misspelled in the article. I checked it, as published in the ALBUM against the type-written copy, sent to the Editor. The printer did not make the mistake. The original manuscript was checked on the word. The mistake was in the original manuscript and mine, for which I am sorry and regret.

Lucius C. Sweet, Alden, Minn., is well informed on threshing machinery used in the great grain belt, History of machine companies, events and what pertains to threshing machinery. I sent him a copy of 'A Defense of Advance Thresher Company' and requested him to check errors and make suggestions. Mr. Sweet wrote me, Meinrad was misspelled. I checked my copy against his spelling of Meinrad but did not see the mistake. Much time remained in which the correction could have been made before the publication of the article. The mistake, because of what Mr. Sweet had done, was not excusable.

Meinrad, the Christian name of the founder of M. Rumely Co., appears four times in A Defense of Advance Thresher Company', which was published in the September-October, 1958 issue of THE IRON-MEN ALBUM magazine. Meinrad is spelled 'Meinard' in paragraphs (1) and (2) from the bottom of column (3) p. (3), bottom paragraph of column (3), p. (4) and the part paragraph, which forms the middle column, p. (6).

Meinrad Rumely has been gone 50 years. I hope good may result from my mistake, that readers of the ALBUM, who never heard of him, may know of him, that it may refresh the memories of those, who knew him and of him and all may remember the name of the grand old man of the threshing machine industry, Meinrad Rumely.