| July/August 1998

Route 1, Box 13 Steinauer, Nebraska 68441

I was born January 29, 1909, and grew up on a farm. I have memories of steam engines because my father purchased a new Case steam engine and 32' thresher, water tank, and Case wagon to carry it on.

Looking back, I think the literature on threshers and steam engines taught me how to read better than the school books. I read and studied all the steam engine and thresher books and literature that came to our house.

I used to study the designs of the different makes. Some had front wheels mounted at the front of the boiler barrel and others part way back. On some, the boiler barrels rode lower on the front axle assembly than others. Some had the cylinder to the rear of the crank wheel and others to the front. Then also, some had the smokestack at the rear of the boiler, others to the front.

At that time I could not understand the difference but by now, at 88, I've had it explained to me many times. It doesn't make any difference, I like to watch them all.

At one time I was buying surplus earth moving equipment, using it and reselling it. I had Allis, IHC, Cletrac and Cat. I've been asked many times which brand was the best. I always said the operator was 90% and the equipment was 10%.