| September/October 1955

Box 6, Byron, Oklahoma

After going to the Wichita Reunion I wished they would put out a magazine on steamers, etc. In 1953 I met up with the IRON-MEN ALBUM at the reunion, and believe me it was the answer to a threshermans prayer. If I would tell you how many times I read each copy you would brand me as a liar. I appreciate the good work you are doing and hope the time will come when the ALBUM will come every month. Little to say for myself. Run first engine in 1905, own outfit from 1915 to 1924-Reeves & Aultman Taylor engines, Case Minneapolis and A. T. separators. Have never seen a discussion of the part hoboes played in the harvesting and threshing of grain on the great plains. Some old timers should write about this before it is too late.

I have a model steam stationary engine made by Finkbeiner, Philadelphia, Pa. 23' overall, 13/4 bore, 3? ' stroke, 12' flywheel. If any of the brethren know when these engines were built I would be pleased to hear from them.

I am enclosing a jingle (I won't take the sacred name of poetry by calling it a poem) if you can use it you are welcome.

Again thanking you for the pleasure you have brought me through the ALBUM. Clean water, good coal and clean sailings to all