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I think, now that our 12th annual show and vacations are behind
us, somebody had better make a report to our good editors of the
steam engine magazines and their readers. It may not be a flashy
report but I can assure you that the Miami Valley Steam Threshers
had another bang-up show at Goshen Memorial Park at Mechanicsburg,

Historically, Goshen Park has been the scene of public
gatherings for nearly a century. Around 1865 it was known as the
Central Ohio Fair Grounds and several of the adjoining counties
combined to hold their fairs on this spot. We like to think that
probably some of the antique items at our shows might have been on
display during those fairs.

Besides our regular participants, who have been so faithful over
the years and have kept the organization alive, there were several
entries from neighboring associations. Mr. Robert Price, of
Logansport, Indiana, who holds membership in several Indiana
threshing shows as well as our own, brought his 23/90 Baker and
water wagon. Mt. H. B. McClain of Eaton, Indiana, brought his ox
team and linch pin Conestoga wagon. Mr. Hugh Hartzell and Mr.
Roscoe Shiverdecker represented Darke County Steam Threshers with a
21/75 Baker and 22 HP Keck-Gonnerman. Richland County Steam
Threshers had the following representation: Mr. Earl Logan with a
12 HP Aultman-Taylor, John Boner with a 20 HP Peerless, and Tom
Woodard with an 18 HP Advance-Rumely. We enjoy the fellowship of
our good neighbors.

For our initial parade on Saturday, July 29th, twenty-four of
the big engines were in the line up, led by Kramer Brothers
calliope. Several old gas tractors and the little scale models
brought up the rear. During the parade the boys were asked for the
‘dinner whistle’, the ‘wheat whistle’ and the
‘water whistle’ to see whether they still remembered.

Church services were held on the grounds Sunday morning by Rev.
George Groh. Our Sunday parade started off in a little different
fashion and with a bang. A group from the North-South Skirmish
Association, Confederate and Yankee, loaded their old muskets and
fired two salutes. They were in uniforms of the Civil war period
and it was a very impressive show. The Shawnee Antique Auto Club
paraded on Sunday afternoon with forty-six entries. As they passed
the stand the operators and their ladies were introduced. Brass
plaques were presented to the club as well as to all our

Each morning during the show the president calls a meeting of
engineers to plan for the day’s work and to introduce
newcomers. One could not help but notice the good feeling that
existed and the spirit of co-operation throughout. On Saturday
evening the Lucky Riders Saddle Club of Middle-burg, Ohio, staged a
western horse show with fourteen classes. This was held under the
flood lights in the center of the oval, was very well attended and
lasted until past midnight. This was something new with us but it
proved very successful and was well received.

Our new president, Lawrence Apgar, of Bellfontaine, Ohio, did a
fine job managing the show and had many compliments. He could well
be proud of the co-operation of the members as well as the fine
turnout. According to our gate-keepers there were very few states
not represented. With a record year behind us, our officers and
board members are encouraged to go on another year. Elections for
1962 have not as yet been held but will notify our good magazine
editors as soon as this is done.

Am enclosing picture which may be of interest to include with
this report.

  • Published on Jan 1, 1962
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