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Ted Middleton and the little Case at the C. M. Busch Reunion.
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Part of the C. M. Busch collection.

Over 20,000 people from 21 states and Canada attended the 3-day
Reunion of the Michigan Live Steam Club, held June 4, 5, and 6 on
Ed. McNamara’s farm in Richland, Mich. Fifteen large steam
traction engines were on display and 2 trailer loads of stationary
and model engines of all makes and sizes.

Other attractions were the Prony brakc, a sawmill in operation,
a teeter-totter, a steam locomotive on a track, a steam car owned
by Harry Waber of Kalamazoo, Mich., antique cars in fine shape
owned by H. P. Phillips of Hastings, Mich., a large gun collection
displayed by Mr. Vandeberg of Kalamazoo, Mich.

On demonstration was the Dynamometer belonging to the Michigan
Dynamometer Association and John Huizenga of Grandville, Mich.,
demonstrated on this machine with his light and heavy weight
pulling team of horses.

Following are names and owners of engines who took part in the

Ed. McNamara of Richland, and his 40 hp. Case, a 16 hp. single
Nichols & Shepard and a 12 hp. Advance; Eight hp. Birdsell
owned by Harry Waber of Kalamazoo; 18 hp. Keck-Gonnerman owned by
Melvin Lugten of Hamilton, Mich.; 20 hp. Harrison Jumbo and 16 hp.
Nichols & Shepard owned by Bob Walters of Comstock, Mich.; 20
hp. Russell and 16 hp. Port Huron owned by Geo. and Kenneth Lewis
of Rives Junction, Mich.; 16 hp. Port Huron owned by Louis David of
Northville, Mich.; 18 hp. Advance-Rumely owned by Ed Tyler of
Augusta, Mich.; 19 hp. Port Huron of Dan Heinbeck, of Sparta,
Mich.’; 65 Case of Harry Woodmansee, Dowling, Mich.; 20 hp.
Advance Rumely of Ralph Woodmansee, Berford, Mich.; 20 hp. Nichols
& Shepard, owned by Earl McNamara, Gobles, Mich.; Warren
Hazard, Augusta, Mich., a Model Case engine and separator; Bert
Stenger, Doster, a Model traction engine and sawmill; John Pugh, of
Grand Junction, a Model steam locomotive; Al Vander Mear, Battle
Creek, Model Steam car; John Spamen, Otsego, a steam highway
locomotive ; Kenneth Stanabeck, Grand Rapids, a Case Model; Delbert
Rich, Detroit, an Advance Rumley Model; Mr. Goodfellow of Grand
Rapids, a Model traction engine and Merry-go-round ; Mr.
Niederhiser of Three Rivers,. a steam popcorn machine in operation;
Albert Joy of Granger, Ind., a Model traction engine; and The G. G.
Karr Machine Shop of Streator, I11., a Model traction engine.

Good eats and square dancing were enjoyed by all.

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