Midwest Central Railroad

| July/August 1960

This is a progress report of the 'MIDWEST CENTRAL RAILROAD'. We ask your indulgence while we tell you what has transpired to date. Stock sales have passed the $9,000 mark, and as chairman of this committee, I wish to thank each and every one of you for the great support you have given us on our initial drive to raise funds to purchase 'Old No. 6'.

As many of you know, we did purchase 'No. 6' as well as her little sister, 'No. 2'. Both engines were purchased on sealed bid, No. 6 for $5001.00 while No. 2 along with the section cars pictured here plus a truck load of parts and accessories were bid at $2175.00. We checked around and contracted with the lowest bidder for the transportation. Heavy Duty Haulers of Columbia, South Carolina, loaded and delivered both locomotives for $3035.00. Both engines now reside at the Mathews place next to the shop for rebuilding. Not pictured is a Ford 'T', equipped with flanged wheels and was used by the track foreman as an inspection car. This unit has not been in operation for 20 years.

It is hard to visualize the magnitude of this project. 'The Midwest Central' will be the only steam operated Narrow Gauge Railroad in the radius of nearly 1000 miles. It will take a little over one and a half mile of track, or for our weight rail, it will take over 100 ton. New ties will cost another $4000.00, rail will take about $8000.00. we have two coaches lined up which will be for sale in July, one of which was a private coach and because of its history will probably command a rather high price. There is also another standard passenger coach of 36' gauge which seats 44 persons. This plus the fact that there are always many smaller expenses is why we have set $50,000.00 for a goal to put this road into operation. With the help of all of you, this will be an easy matter. We have the main part, the oldest narrow gauge locomotive available in our possession. If after a year or so it appears that No. 6 can handle the job alone, we may sell No. 2.

'Midwest Central' is now in the process of incorporating which explains the fact why you have not heard from us on your stock 'shares and passes. You will receive them later this season after the legal work is completed. We are incorporating to protect the stockholders from any liability which may arise in the future.

We have come a long way in so short a time but we need your help to complete the job and get this railroad operating. Let's see if we can't reach the goal real soon. Remember, you are a Life-Time pass holder if you own a share of stock. If the railroad prospers, and by all rights it should, your investment

will come back to you and your lifetime pass will remain valid. This is one of the most ambitious projects ever undertaken in this area. Let's all get behind and push a little harder and really give the people something to see when they come to Mt. Pleasant.