| May/June 1969

1426 Messenger St. Menomonee, Wisconsin 54751

Any young man with good health and a poor appetite can save up money.

The above title was derived from the fact it was used by an Amery Newspaper describing my engines at a recent steam show in that town. I suppose my interest in steam is from my childhood days, as my father was a country butter-maker and creamery owner for almost forty years. He owned and operated creameries in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa, many in the era when steam was the only power for crossroad creameries. My parents are retired and living in nearby Cameron, Wis and Dad gives me many stories of the first steam operated plants he helped install and operate. One of the many accounts describes a filter for water, which had to be repacked with hay quite often. He tells me his first plant had an upright boiler and horizontal engine.

In 1918, I received a Weeden double acting engine for Christmas and still have it in running condition. Since, I have collected over thirty toy steamers, some in working order and some 'basket cases' which I have restored. I have the 'Weeden' American made engines from 1889 model (no. 1) to the last in 1928 with electrical heaters. Most of my steamers are heated by alcohol burners.

Also along with collecting engines, I have found toys that are operated by steam. I have a complete cast iron, machine shop, with power hack saw, drill press and grinders. I am in the process of putting together a steam operated carnival, including a merry go round, ferries wheel, organ grinder and minstrel show. A steam water-pumping plant, with a very old German made engine is also in my collection.

I do this for my own entertainment, but was asked to show some of my engines at Pioneer Days at Amery, Wis. last year at the John Goldsmith place, I found that my audience consisted of kids from six to sixty. I sure enjoyed the show and met many fine steam men from all over the country. Through these men, I found many more engines and parts of same. Through one of these, I got a hot air engine which I was able to restore.