| May/June 1960

In your November-December issue you had a picture of old time logging using a 2-wheel cart or dolly where one end of the log is loaded on the cart while the other end of the log drags on the ground. The driver rides on one of the wheel horses. This was called-a jerk-line where several teams were used. This system was used frequently when I was a boy.

Am enclosing two prints showing an earlier system of dragging log and saw-milling in North Carolina. These pictures were furnished me recently by a friend and neighbor, Theo. Greer. They were taken in 1900near Zionville, N.C., where he was born.

The mill and ox teams belonged to Solomon Younce, his grandfather, whose forebear came from Holland in the late 1700's. Mr. Greer as a boy of 5 years, is shown astride the lead ox in the picture at the mill. The logs were dragged without benefit of wheels.

C. R. MILLER Route1, Yacolt, Washington


Just a word about the picture in the January-February 1960 issue of the ALBUM, page 17. As you say, the 'brave girl' who did this stunt is my daughter, Joyce Calame. I am at the throttle and the owner of the engine, James Whitbey, is at the wheel.

ROY A. CALAME, R.D. 2, Orrville, Ohio