| March/April 1969

With the coming of the Northern Pacific and Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad branches into this section of the State in 1910, the residents of the little inland town of Old Leipzig, gave serious thought to the problem of moving their homes and places of business next to these railroads.

This picture shows the Star Flour Mill being moved from Old Leipzig to the new site of Lawther (later changed to New Leipzig).

From left to right: man on water tank is Alfred Sprecher and the men on platform and ground are unidentified. Owner of first 'Big Four' gas tractor at left was Elmer Sealameyer, at wheel. Next two men on same tractor are unidentified. Owner of the first J. I. Case steamer at left, was Alfred Sprecher with Jake Hunt at the wheel and Byron DeLange now of Carson, at right with John Michelson out front on the ground.

The second 'Big Four' gas tractor belonged to Charley Bleick, at wheel, with Floyd Michelson sitting on top of gas tank. The last J. I. Case Steamer, at right, was owned by the Theurer Bros, with Fred Theurer on coal tender and Bill Theurer standing on wheel and Martin Michelson in buggy, over seeing the moving.

It took four and one half days to move the mill a distance of nine miles, because the building was weighted down with flour processing machinery. The homemade wooden wheels mired down in soft spots and wheel boxings burned out and had to be replaced every so often.

Starting out with three engines, it was necessary to add another steamer, the one belonging to Alfred Sprecher. It was busy nearby plowing up new sod with a ten bottom breaker. The building was set down on a foundation directly south across the street from the present west end Peavey Elevator.