| September/October 1951

  • 22 HP Plowing Engine

  • Mary Myer
    Miss Mary Meyer as she appeared in 1910 when giving a demonstration with the Avery 30. See Wacek letter.

  • 22 HP Plowing Engine
  • Mary Myer

of Oliva, Minn., after reading the story on page 7 of the May-June 1951 issue of the ALBUM gives his eye witness account of the event. It is most interesting.

Now somebody ought to find out if this lady is still living and where

Plowing in 1912 on the Roy Mills farm in Lisbon, North Dakotn. The engine is a N' and S 22 hp and the plow is n 6 bottom 14 inch cut. We cut to 12 inches deep with a half mile through. One fourth of this was virgin prairie sod. It had never been plowed before. This engine could have handled 3 or 4 more plows with ease and doing 25 to 30 acres per day. Morris Bowlinge, 1107 Jefferson Street, Toledo. Ohio.

Here I am writing' on the article, 'Young- Lady Engineer' in the May-June 1951 issue of the ALBUM.

This article recalls the scene to my memory just like it was today. I took it all in and if Avery Company did not steal the show then Miss Mary Meyer did.

When Mary pulled out of the Fair Grounds the crowd came out too.

The grounds were empty every time Mary pulled out. The following is an account as it took place.