Farm Collector


Box 32, Ruleton, Kansas

Enclosed is my renewal for another year. I am also sending a few
snapshots of at least one more engine that missed the scrap

I am very much an amateur about steam engines as this is the
only one I have even had any experience with. Having bought it
about a year and a half ago, I certainly am not one of the old
threshermen, but the son of one that inherited the steam bug which
lay dormant until I attended the second convention in Wichita in
1952. That fanned the spark a flame that wouldn’t die.

I heard of this engine and was lucky enough to buy it, hauled it
home, cleaned and painted and rebuilt the canopy, platform, water
tanks, and tool box just like it was originally. Then later on I
managed to copy the Banner Boy from an old catalog and enlarged
then to go on the tank and box and painted them in full colors.
That was a really tedious job. The engine in my opinion is in
excellent mechanical condition throughout and I have been told that
by some old threshermen.

I was too young to hardly remember my father’s outfit and he
has passed on now. So about all I know about steam engines is what
I’ve learned from playing around with this one and listening to
the old timers.

I have never pulled anything but a 10 inch burr grinder with it
and it sounded mighty sweet. I don’t know if I could keep up
steam on a separator but I sure have a hankering to try.

Use the enclosed snapshots in anyway you see fit. I may not
appreciate all the memories of the old threshermen, I still
anxiously await each issue of the ALBUM. Keep up the good work.

  • Published on Nov 1, 1954
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